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What is Your Story?

You have a story that is waiting to be heard, whether an established business, an association, a charitable organization or an individual. If you're ready to tell the world your story, The McLean PR Group will communicate your uniqueness and relevance to your key constituencies and market.

When you need strategic guidance from professionals who excel at managing critical communication functions, let the McLean PR Group deliver the smart, creative counsel backed by exceptional execution. Built on a foundation of solid business acumen, exceptional creativity and a client-centric culture, we drive success for our clients.

We communicate your story

Here at McLean PR Group we communicate your story to the people who matter to your business, organization or issue. We work with you to craft your story into messages, sound bites, collateral and images that compel your stakeholders to listen, care and act.

No audience intimidates us. Whether embarking on an internal communications campaign or looking to quell noise surrounding a crisis, the McLean PR Group will help you determine the right communications strategy and execute it.

McLean PR Group tells interesting stories and makes heros out of ordinary people. Our team arranges, shoots and produces broadcast quality films that capture the highlights and essence of your event. Our unique package is then web-streamed to encourage future attendees and elevate your exposure on the web.