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The Media Mix:

Communications Strategy & Execution

Here at McLean PR Group we communicate your story to the people who matter to your business, organization or issue. We work with you to craft your story into messages, sound bites, collateral and images that compel your stakeholders to listen, care and act.

No audience intimidates us. Whether embarking on an internal communications campaign or looking to quell noise surrounding a crisis, the McLean PR Group will help you determine the right communications strategy and execute it.

Documentaries & Commercials

Whether it is a thirty second commercial spot or an hour long documentary, a well crafted film can not only entertain, but instruct and sway one's views like no other medium. Through sight and sound, it can work as a helpful fundraising or lobbying tool. With clever product placement, it can work as an effective advertisement. A well produced film, documentary or commercial will garner the respect and attention of your target constituencies.

Film making has always been a collaborative effort. Today's techniques and the “bells and whistles” of digital film making, require producers to chock full their creations with sound, graphics and animation. These works of art are scalable to any environment, from streaming internet, to board rooms, to gain screens on trade show floors. For any film to be effective, market strategists must work together with creative writers, computer engineers, high tech artists and production companies. Since the ability to work as a cohesive is the strongest asset of The McLean PR Group, Inc., we create broadcast quality commercials and documentaries that, when well placed, give you the market edge.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Research & Strategy

Do you really know what your customer, the media and your competition thinks of your company and its product? Have you asked them?

McLean PR Group provides quantitative and qualitative research that helps companies and organizations uncover business critical information. From focus groups to market studies, we delve deep into the business issues that impact our clients' business success.

At McLean PR Group we leverage a proven research methodology to arrive at fact-based analyses, clear and concise recommendations and inventive solutions. Our reports marry a set of strategies with a plan for tactical execution ensuring that our clients have a roadmap for overcoming business challenges and exploiting opportunities.

Marketing & Brand Management

At the heart of every successful marketing campaign is a strong brand. McLean PR Group has a dedicated staff to help your company build or enhance its brand. From logo creation to capturing your brand promise, our team of cunningly creative branding professionals will help you establish a to-die-for brand that incites your customers, investors, employees, business and the media to take action.

McLean PR Group works with clients to develop and implement creative marketing programs designed to grow profit, market share, customer loyalty and market visibility objectives. No idea is "too out there" for the McLean PR Group team. We approach marketing programs with the objectives of getting noticed, making a lot of noise and getting our clients recognized.


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