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The McLean PR Group is a marketing and public relations firm with a focus on video production, including all facets of branding using streaming video, events coverage and films and documentaries in engineering and social responsibility.

The McLean PR Group employs professionals that are dedicated to their mission and passionate about the projects. We select and produce stories and support products and projects that have an endearing message. Our corporate culture provides the environment that supports engagement with multiple points-of-view. As a small business, it is important to be flexible and open to ideas. It is the small businesses that will flourish in the next decade.

Nurturing a small business, particularly in these economic times, is a constant process. Several of the issues that we have had to deal with include the usual difficulties of managing tight budgets and resource allocation. For our work, time is of the essence, so the pace of bringing together a team to deliver the message can be quite hectic. The key is to keep the team focused and engaged. The challenges of finding a place in the new media are a continuing effort as it is new ground that industry, and society, are just figuring out.

The McLean PR Group is involved with several local charitable organizations, including CharityWorks in McLean, VA. The president of The McLean PR Group is an avid supporter of the arts and is on the board of the Duke Ellington Fund that supports the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. The McLean PR Group combines the passion for messaging and outreach with interest in projects that advance good dialogue and have a redeeming social value. This makes the work fulfilling: engagement and empathy with our clients, whom we also consider our friends.

Our Business ethics can be summed up in one phrase: Good Karma leads to Good Business. With so many pressures and competing interests coming from all directions, it is easy to develop practices based on this simple phrase, for it simplifies the discussion when a vexing problem, with potential ethical overtones, comes to the table. When confronted with a complex issue, we fall back on this simple mantra because it breaks the problem down.

Our customer service policies and practices are based on an empathy for the client and an understanding of our role in making them look the very best they can. When we develop a message, we get inside the story, so to speak, to find out the motivations and highlight the personal journey that our client is undertaking. These make the *best* stories, for they reach beyond the product message and get at the soul of the company.

Our efforts for Washington Laboratories and ATCB, two tight clients, have resulted in a unique video channel called EspressoEngineering.TV. We have developed several dozen short films and convey these films to the engineering community. Our vision was multi-fold: grow exposure for our client and reach into the engineering community, which has the unfortunate stereotype of a dull business. We think to the contrary. Engineering fills a pivotal and critical role in our daily lives, in so many ways. Often, the general public doesn't have a chance to see the engineering community as it is: colorful, complex and entertaining. This initiative has raised my clients' brand awareness as well as elevated the status of the individual in the companies, whom we get to participate in the films. This, again, creates the good karma that keeps people engaged and raises the standards by which our client can perform: it's all on film!

Our competitive advantage linked to our network of talent and supporters for we can draw from a mix of influences in the engineering industry, the food industry, the not-for-profit world and associations. Why is this a competitive advantage? It is more that the network, it is the meme of our work.

McLean PR Group tells interesting stories and makes heros out of ordinary people. 

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